What we do

Project Development and Management

Based on knowledge of the environment and working with beneficiaries, facilitate the development and implementation of projects and programmes in a manner that ensures maximum impact and optimum results.

Policy Research, Analysis and Impact Assessment

Conducting evidence-based and comparative research to generate relevant knowledge that informs and influences policy formulation and implementation for poverty reduction and economic growth.

Enterprise Development Services (EDS)

Promoting enterprise-centred approaches and models through technical support and financing as a sustainable option for the delivery of energy services.

Knowledge Management & Advocacy

Building and harnessing local capacity and international partnerships for effective capacity building, resource utilisation and sector governance.


Knowledge Management and Advocacy Programme (KMAP)
The Knowledge Management Programme (KMP) is designed to generate, collect, distil, and package development-related (energy, technology, environment) knowledge resources and make it accessible to development practitioners, policy makers and the private sector for application and adoption in development interventions.
Clean Energy Technology and Investment Programme (CETIP)
The Clean Energy Technology and Investment Programme (CETIP) provides enterprise development and financial services to small, medium and micro enterprises (SMMEs) involved in the provision of technologies and energy services.
Energy and Productivity Programme (EPP)
The Energy and Productivity Programme (EPP) seeks to translate access to modern energy into increased productivity in rural and peri-urban communities.  The program aims to stimulate economic activity through the demonstration and promotion of (new) technologies, the establishment of new enterprises and support for existing enterprises. 
Energy and Environment Programme (EEP)

The Energy and Environment Program is designed to facilitate harmony between the attainment of socio-economic development and maintenance of environmental integrity. The poor are not only more vulnerable to knock-on effects of climate change such as increased rainfall variability, food insecurity, spread of diseases and damage to infrastructure, but also have limited capability to respond or adapt to them.

The Rural Energy Supply and Utilisation Programme (RESUP)
The Rural Energy Supply and Utilisation Programme (RESUP) aims to accelerate the development and delivery of vital modern energy services in rural areas to enhance livelihoods, reduce poverty and preserve the environment.

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