Examining Transparency And Accountability In The Oil And Gas Sector: Impact Evaluation of Key Provisions In Ghana\’s Petroleum Revenue Management Act

A KITE-led consortium is implementing a 3ie-funded project titled: “Examining Transparency and Accountability in the Oil and Gas Sector: Impact Evaluation of Key Provisions in Ghana’s Petroleum Revenue Management Act”. It is one of the three projects funded by 3ie under the Transparency and Accountability Thematic Window to help fill critical gaps in knowledge pertaining to transparency and accountability (T/A) interventions, reinforce learning and uptake amongst practitioners and policymakers but most importantly to generate rigorous evidence that will have both an immediate added value and inform the scaling up of effective T/A initiatives in the future.

Objectives of the Study

  • To assess the impact of PIAC as a transparency and accountability tool by the petroleum revenue management act in achieving developmental outcomes.
  • To undertake policy influencing activities with the goal of enhancing the effectiveness of PIAC as T&A tool to ensure development.