Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMA)

Ghana, with the support of the Government of Germany, the EU and the Government of Australia, is implementing the Low Emission Capacity Building Project (LECBP). The LECBP project aims at strengthening the technical and institutional capacities of Ghana to support the design and implementation of Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMA).


Among the objectives of Ghana’s LECBP is the development of two financeable energy-related Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) with a monitoring reporting and verification (MRV) system.


During preliminary consultation in 2013, 5 NAMAs were selected out of 33 energy-related NAMAs. KITE and IGGS, contracted as consultants, were to facilitate the further selection of 2 NAMAs out of the 5 selected NAMAs and develop a governance structure for their successful implementation. Critical information on all 5 NAMAs was provided through background papers to help inform the selection of the NAMAs.

Through an initial consultative workshop, relevant experts and stakeholders were brought together to select the two NAMAs using the Multi-Criteria Analysis tool. The selected NAMAs after the scoring process were:

  • Incorporation of Renewable Energy systems into households and commercial activities; and
  • Establishment of market-based cleaner cooking solutions.

Through literature review, consultation with stakeholders, and expert experience, the consultants designed a proposed NAMA governance structure for the two selected NAMAs, which was presented to stakeholders at a follow-up workshop. The proposed structure was further revised and finalized after deliberations and inputs by the stakeholders.